How about them eels

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How about them eels

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Who knew? ... -come-from

“My hands are stained by the white and red blood of the sea creatures,” he wrote to a friend. “All I see when I close my eyes is the shimmering dead tissue, which haunts my dreams, and all I can think about are the big questions, the ones that go hand in hand with testicles and ovaries—the universal, pivotal questions.”

The young man, whose name was Sigmund Freud, eventually followed his evolving questions in other directions. But in Trieste, elbow-deep in slime, he hoped to be the first person to find what men of science had been seeking for thousands of years: the testicles of an eel."

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Re: How about them eels

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When I visited Japan in the late 90's on business, my goto item in restaurants was "unagi", or BBQ eel. It was always tasty and nutritious. Never have had it in America, though. Go figure.
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